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SPS International, Inc. is the North American distributor of the environmental systems of Amano Corporation of Japan. Amano has been designing and manufacturing systems that enhance productivity and protect the environment for over sixty years. The staff at SPS has been working with Amano since 1979 and handling the Amano systems in the North American market for twenty-three years. SPS/Amano customers range from the smallest machine tool operator to giant corporations and manufacturers in just about all types of industries, including automotive, aeronautic, chemical, etc.

Amano is certified to ISO14000 and ISO9000 standards, and the Japanese JIS [similar to ASTM and ANSI]. Amano products are engineered and fabricated to rigid quality control procedures, which ultimately yield long-lasting, reliable operating units.

We have systems that collect dust and other pollutants (solid and mist/fume), including toxic and odor producing substances. Our air control systems satisfy various EPA and other health requirements, as well as ultimately providing for a more pleasant and healthy worker environment - indoors and out. [Amano units are well known for relatively low dBA sound levels during operation.]

SPS and Amano engineers can provide systems that are just right for your application. Quotations are provided promptly, and a site visit and inspection can be made if necessary - scheduled to meet the customer's earliest needs.

SPS can provide:

  • Basic application engineering
  • Delivery of Equipment
  • Installation
  • Associated ductwork (if desired).
  • Operator and Maintenance Training
  • Spare parts (maintained at SPS New Jersey facilities)
  • After service